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HomeWarrantyDirectory.com is a one stop destination for all your home warranty related queries. Be it a question regarding home warranty companies operating in your region or about prices of various home warranty plans, we are the ones you need!


Home Warranty Directory is much more than what you think! The primary idea behind this website is to help users from across the country by providing them with genuine and precise information about various aspects related to appliance warranties.


The team behind Home Warranty Directory feels that in spite of what people say about the home service contract industry, not all companies are fraudulent and profit oriented. Hence, we’re here to show you the good ones in the industry.


Please feel free to use our clickable US map to find out about companies serving in your region. We’ve got all 50 states covered!


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About us

HomeWarrantyDirectory.com is designed to be your go-to website for anything you can think of that is about or related to Home Warranty providers. The website was founded by a group of like minded people who wanted to bust many a myth regarding the home warranty industry.


We do not think that an appliance warranty plan is a waste of money nor do we think that warranty providers are greedy. We’ve been in the industry for quite some time and so we wanted to create awareness among home warranty users. Good home warranty companies do exist and we are here to introduce you to them!


More updates and features will be coming soon. So make sure that you visit us often!